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This page contains  a small collection of  a few video clips that we have gathered threw the many trails and working events we have attended , we will continue to add clips of our dogs as well as friends dogs so please check back from time to time for new clips.
Some of the video clips are large an are best downloaded an played  when down is complete.
The clips require MS Media player ver 9 or higher!



Desert Rock Video clips

Keana's Bst2
trail Clip 
3 megs file

Keana work by Tom Riche 
 8 meg  file

Matio Bst1       6 megs file Keana Bst1 In butler ILL      6.3 meg file Matio with Tom
in Az
Keana Training clipwith Tom

Matias Sch1 clip,
5 meg file

2005.cactus classic  Protection.Derby           10 meg file

2005 bulldog show clip
12 megfile
2005 Bitework working show clip Leri Hanson's Capone Ring1 trail, Jesse's George
Belly brother Hansons Capone
Jesse' JR 3 meg file

Ozzy Bst2

Go Train Young Mateo In Chi in training    


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