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2003 Vegas Bulldog Nationals

It all started nine years ago while shopping at the mall.  Jon took his usual detour to the pet shop with Jesse & Jenalee, and fell in love with an English bulldog.  The paper work was all but done when Jan joined up with them and could not believe he was willing to pay $2500.00 for a pet store puppy!  She was able to convince him to look around a bit before buying the first puppy he had seen.
Jon started looking for breeders in the Phoenix area and came across an American bulldog breeder.  Before I knew it he was out the door to check them out.  Within no time at all he purchased two American Bulldogs (Gus & lady) for the price of one English bulldog!  What a bargain!!  Little did we all know this would be the beginning of Jon's undying love and dedication to this breed. The  American Bulldog.

After two years and hours of training, Jon was ready to take his dogs to the 1999 AB Nationals in Anaheim, CA. About three weeks before the show Jon found out some devastating news.  His female, Lady, was diagnosed with Valley Fever and should be put to rest.  That was one of the hardest days in his life.  Jon and Jan loaded up the car with Gus, their male, and headed to the California show.  It was there where Jon and Jan had met some wonderful bulldoggers and great dogs.  To this day they are proud to call those people friends.  And Jon was then on a mission.....to find himself another American Bulldog.
on was put in touch with Betty Cummins (the Ambassador).  He purchased a puppy out of her, Gr. Ch. I'm a Doozy Too & Gr. Ch. Norman's Sergeant Fury (AKA, Turbo).  He was ready!  Jon then took his puppy to a Grand Champion and also obtains her WPIV title.  She is now, ABA Gr. Ch. Doozy's Treasure Too of Power Play kennels, NKC Champion, WPT IV, CDI, NKC WPT I and OFA Good aka "Tres".  That was not enough and Jon set out to find the perfect male.  He purchased a puppy from Greg & Tami Karasek of Awesome Dog Kennels. Ch. Karasek's L.E.Lexus & Gr. Ch. Matias of SAB are the parents of his male CH. ADK's Tiamo Pal Matio. What and awesome male he has became.
After spending time with our friends, Greg & Tammy (Carpenter) Souza, Jon decided he wanted a high- drive female.  He chose to wait for the repeat breeding of Gr. Ch. Souza's Dixie Lee & Ch. Souza's Koa of SAB.  Jon wanted one puppy and Tammy had already picked out the one she thought would suit his needs.  He took her advice and has never had a moments regret in listening to Tammy and her expertise.  He even kept her given name that Tammy had given her Souza's "Splash" of Dixie calling her Keana.  After obtaining Keana's BST I,  BST II, her BH, IDT III, CDI, WPT I and OFA Good.  Keana has more than proven to be a good example of an American Bulldog and an asset to the breed.
Aftering putting conformation championships, weight pull titles, competing in Iron Dog, and having others train and trial his dogs he needed more of a challenge to himself.  It was at this time he decided not to be on the side lines anymore.  With the help and direction of Josh Zapparolli Jon trained for months.  They trained in the daytime and under the lights at night until Jon and Matio worked well together.  And on February 6, 2004, with Jon handling for the first time he captured his dream, Jon and Matio earned their BST II title under judge Lucillano Oliva.
It was after traveling all over the U.S. and attending shows that Jon wanted to put on his own show.  He wanted to get some bulldoggers together and put on a show in Arizona.  Thus the AZ show idea was born.  He wanted to offer a show that everyone and their dogs could come and compete.  One problem remained.  Jon was so hooked after attending Art Parker's show with the pigs, he wanted pigs and catch titles available.  So only in the Jon Hopkin's style, (for no one else's would do!) Jon became Arizona's Pig Farmer!  So once again Jon strived and succeeded in offering CDI's on the West coast.  Jon has now his own heard of pigs totaling 48 with babies.  He also just finished building his 100 x 100 pen with the help of family & friends Jesse, Josh and SVABC club and some close friends.  Now that  Jon is a ABA & UCDA titled Catch Dog judge he can offer CDI's at his place thru out the year for all you hog catching enthusiasts.  Anyone who has attended the Arizona show knows what I am talking about when I say Jon has accomplished what he intended to do when he said he wanted a show that everyone and their bulldogs could compete.......kudos to Jon for yet another dream accomplished.
If you are looking for Jon, you can be sure and find him with his loving family Jan, Jaren, Jenalee, Jesse, his daughter in law and beautiful Grandson Brigg who all back and support him 100%.  With little rest from the show he is back to training at his home 3 days a week working towards his Schutzhund titles, with Josh Zapparolli and the rest of the training group and tending to his piggies.