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Karasek's Bear

Karasek's Bear

Bear-First ABA Gr. Champ!

Karasek's Bear

Betty Cummings with Doozy


Doozy-First Bully Gr. Champion!

Gr. Ch. MGK's I'm A Doozy, Too/WPT 2/CGC

Freckles-ABA Champ

Ch. Karasek's

Lexus of PP


SG Rattler

SG Rattler

Jan Hopkins with Rattler

GR CH/ Sch1. Souza's Matias

Tammy with Mr do it all T.

Sloans Turbo

Producer of many working dogs

Tom Riches Brody

Sch3 Brody first class hard biting SOB.

Hopkins Keana

With Tux.

Lucillano Oliva

with Ronin a Steves Hammer grandson

Betty Cummins with Alliyahs

John Bonelo Noe

Matio's belly Brother Noe


On the ring with Jesse Hopkins and Lucillano

Sloans Turbo

Bst1, CD1 Turbo on the suit with Dan Guerra and Tom

John with Tress

Hopkins Matio

Matio with Ray Taylor Bst1trail.

Matio& Jon

On the ring chasing ribbons with fellow ribbon chasers

CH Sch1 Matias

Sch1 Matias

Being work by Josh at Redwood show

Sloans Turbo

Alan, Turbo, Tony stone

Jan, Betty, Tammie

John Bonelo

Hopkins with John Bonello

Sams Buck

Turboson Buck , Harveys brother

Tammy & Ch Matias


Being work by Dan Guerra

Chesnuts Ozzy

Ozzy Matias son bst2

Candys Ko

Josh drives Ko for a bst1.

Ton R Jethro

Hard ass Staffy work by Josh at 2005 az show

Jethro on the long bite

Go train with Brother Kahili

Betty Cummins Twister

Jesse H, Tom Richie, Marco & Josh with Go Train

Betty C, Jenna, Amy, Jon

Tres, Twister, Bailey , Mateo

Vegas show winning pic


DRK Woody's sister ( Ozzy x Ch.Chestnut's Little Maori of Dailey.






Alan Scott and Jon Hopkins

DR Junior x Molly breeding made in Germany.