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 Hopkins Keana
Sch1 , BST2,  CD1, , ABWP1,  NKC-WP1
OFA, NCL Clear



Sousa's Splash of Dixie Keana

 Keana  weighs  76 lbs, and is OFA good.  Sch1,  BST II, IDT III, ABA WPT I, NKC WPT I, she is out of

 Champion Van Hoose's Koa of Boyd

 Grand Champion Souza's Dixie Lee

  Keana was  a loyal tough bitch with a lot of heart. She had  a working drive that is hard to beat. At first glance she was  not one that you would look at and say oh I like her, you might not even notice her at all. But I Guarantee she will leave you with a lasting impression in your memory after watching her obedience or her protection work. This is a dog that would  literally try anything you would ask her to do .  Keana had  no boundaries  I found that out first hand when at the Las Vegas show they had a agility course set up, Jan wanted me to enter her and I told her she had never seen one or done it before. We entered her and not only did she do it for the first time but she took second place. She is the most titled female bitch to come from out of the Souza kennels.


Keana has now past away  she accomplish more than  we ever imagine we could do  with a  bulldog , her working drive is something we wish  we could bottle , her temperament is what  every  bulldog  should  be  ,  we probably will  never be bless with another  dog of this quality  , Keana was  something very special  and dear to us  and will never be  forgotten .


Keana at Sch  trail

Josh and Keana after protection of bst2 trail


Keana being work by Tom Riche


More Keana  Pictures