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   Desert Rocks Junior
A.B.N.A Champion,OFA Good


Junior is a dog we bred out of our Champion Matio, bred to Sloan's Hannah. He is owned by our son, Jesse Hopkins.  Jr. traveled to Germany for training with Geza of Chestnut Little Indians. Under Geza's training and handling, he was  awarded his SchH-I under SV judge Mannfred Scholz in November 2006 and his BST 1 judged by Dave Hannah in August 2006. Before coming back home, Junior achieved his AD and A.B.N.A championship.
As a young dog, Junior displayed excellent working temperament and great disposition. At his young age, he  received his CD working title, handled by  his owner Jesse Hopkins, besides achieving several working tiles. Junior shows great temperament around kids, has great confirmation, and is a good natured working bulldog. 


Junior In Germany


Junior in  Germany

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Young Junior clip